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Production Manual for Chemical based Products like never before covering Cosmetics, Adhesives, Beverages and Food, Disinfectant, Industrial chemicals, Lubricants, Paints,Printing Inks, Stain Removers, Soaps and detergents, wood finishes etc and over 100 product formulations, processing method & Usage, Equipment & tools, quality parameter, sources of raw material, useful tips and all relevant Information.


Adhesives (Multi-Purpose white glue, leather and rubber/PVC adhesives, polyester/car body filler, office gums, clear/swam glue, putty, super glue, gasket gum, casein glue, wall poly filler, cassava starch adhesives etc).

Beverages (Fruit juice, ice creams, fruit/flavoured drinks, standard yoghurt, zobo fruit drink, cocoa beverage powder, standard soya milk drink, full fat soya powder, custard powder, baking powders, ice lolly etc).

Cosmetics (Spray perfume, hair shampoos, hair creams, moisturizing creams & lotions, deodorants & medicated powders, instant hair conditioners, nail polish cleaner etc).

Disinfectants (antiseptic disinfectants, germicides, toilet bowl cleaners, mentholated spirit, hydrogen peroxides solution, liquid air refreshers, insecticides etc).

Auto Car Paints (Auto base, auto lux, auto cryl, auto flex, auto cellulose, auto primer etc).

Industrial Chemicals (Petroleum jelly, cobalt drier, zinc stearate, industrial perfume, white cement etc).

Printing Inks (Nylon ink, plastic/PVC inks, flexo ink, web-offset ink, corrugated corrugated carton ink, marker inks, textiles/fabrics ink, food grade/edible inks, gravure inks, UV inks, Tin/metal inks, flexographic inks etc).

Lubricants (Motor engine oils, Brake/clutch fluid, automatic transmission fluid(ATF), radiator coolant, chain lubricant, lubricating/penetrating oils, cutting oils, mould release agents, automobile gear oil, industrial gear oil, motorcycle engine oil etc).

Decorative Paints (Gloss, acrylic & normal Emulsion, textured, flexure, P. O.P Emulsion, marble, primers/antSoaps & Detergentsi-rusts etc).

Detergent(Bar/laundry, toilet, medicated/antiseptic, powder detergents, scouring powders, multi purpose liquid detergents, dish washing liquid, hand wash liquid, black herbal soap etc).

Office Stationeries (Toner ink, ribbon ink, stamp pad/endorsing inks, marker inks, artist paint/poster colour, black board renovator, school chalk & crayons etc).

Stain Removers (Fabric stain removers, domestic stain removers, organic & inorganic stain removers, tiles and marble stain removers, rust & paint removers, perfumed laundry bleach etc).

Wood finishes & Treatments (Laquer, stain, sanding sealer, primer, varnish, polish, cellulose, wood preservatives etc).

Greases (Sodium grease, calcium grease, white grease, graphic grease, lithium grease, axie grease etc).



Where & how to source for Raw materials, Equipment, & Funds.

Rules of Chemical Business.

Guide to product Branding.

Standard Organization of Nigeria Laboratories

Standard Organization of Nigeria Certifications

How To Secure Fast Registration And Important Information

Guidelines For Registration Of Imported Food Products In
Nigeria NAFDAC/RR/004/00

Guidelines For Importation Of Chemicals In Nigeria Directorate Of Narcotics & Control Substances.

Frequently Asked Question (SON)

NAFDAC, SON (Standard organization of Nigeria) & DPR Requirements and how to meet them.

Guide to registering your Chemical Business.

Chemical Business Plan format

Sample Chemical Business Plan

Loans and Business financing including 14 Alternative ways to raise capital without visiting the Bank.


The Chemical Manuals/Guides/Materials are comprehensive format prepared both in soft and hard copies and can be ordered whole or in parts to be delivered to you. Also has in all, the Production Procedures, Formulations, Raw materials, Equipment, Sources of Raw Materials, Resource Materials and Contacts.

Price and Specs: Chemical Production/Industrial Manual

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